Tom Russell



Not parcels. Software.

I'm a developer based in Central London who delivers high-quality websites and web systems for clients, in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

I've built websites, both large and small. I've created infrastructure for systems that handle a few hundred up to hundreds of thousands of hits per day. I've led teams that build great software. But most of all, I've delivered working software to real clients.


I am a pragmatic developer who starts by considering what a user needs a piece of software to do. I never overcomplicate systems that should stay simple.

I work in an agile manner -- iterating quickly to get feedback on my proposed approach, and then using that feedback to produce a better solution. Depending on the project's specific needs, I choose to work either in SCRUM sprints, or using a very lightweight Kanban-derived process.



Radiant Worlds came to me needing a website for their new game, SkySaga, which was planned to launch a month from our first contact.

I led the project, working with two colleagues (a frontend developer and a designer) via our full-service agency, The Ruffman Group.

We built an infrastructure to comfortably handle their launch traffic, with significant spare capacity, and then delivered a beautiful, fully responsive website to fill their most important needs.

This allowed Radiant Worlds to launch SkySaga to a worldwide audience, gaining over 60% conversion on their key metric -- signups to an alpha test mailing list.

We continued to improve the website to integrate it closer with their game, then arranged for a successful, clean handover to an internal team, as planned.


I worked as a senior developer within GOV.UK during the last 6 months of the GOV.UK transition, migrating 300+ agencies to GOV.UK from their own separate websites.

Our team was responsible for altering the GOV.UK publishing tools to allow these agencies to migrate to GOV.UK without losing functionality.

In addition to working within a standard development team, I worked with an external agency (scraperwiki) to lead the process of importing over 15,000 existing publications to GOV.UK from other websites, and deployed code frequently to a platform that sees several million unique hits per week.

Nature Publishing Group

I worked first as a senior developer, and then as the team lead, on the Nature Jobs website, a complex high-traffic classifieds website.

Throughout my time working on this site, we delivered high quality, well tested features working in SCRUM sprints to maintain and improve the site.

Finally, the team delivered a ruby version upgrade from 1.8.7 to 1.9.3, with a successful, zero-downtime deployment on a complex shared infrastructure.

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